BOWIN supplies a full range of Belt Filter and Chamber Filter Presses for sludge dewatering. With years of experience in sludge and slurry dewatering, we are able to offer appropriate advise on the correct selection of Belt Filter or Chamber press. Then, dependent on the operating requirements, process and budget, we can provide the most suitably designed for your requirements.

TE and TB Series Belt Filter Press range is constructed as standard with a 304 stainless steel frame, with all wetted parts in stainless steel, rubber or plastic. In corrosive slurry environments this provides additional unit life span that painted mild steel does not.

The "top of the line" Belt Presses are the TE Series, which are a 7 compression roller belt press, with additional power assisted squeeze roller at the final stage. Along with the extended roller pattern and the standard inclusions of automated belt tracking and tensioning, the TE will handle the most difficult duties.

Standard Belt Filter is the TB Series. This unit offers 7 compression rollers in a more compact pattern than the TE, offering excellent dewatering reliability, and all the automation features of the TE.